Complete WIFI Billing Solution

We handle all payments and refunds protecting you from charge-backs. Unlike other solutions which work only with PayPal, we offer a credit card solution using multiple payment processors to ensure reliability and maximize revenue.




Your Own Pricing and Currency

You can set up custom packages with your own pricing and assign different prices to different validity periods. You can also set your prices in your desired currency and your customers will be charged in this currency. We can handle almost all currencies in the world!


Sell Pre-Paid Vouchers for Cash

You can offer different type Pre-Paid Vouchers to your guests so they can pay for them by cash at your location. We offer a Voucher Printing Tool so you can create high quality prints with your own design. You can also use our Thermal Voucher Printer to print out vouchers.

Revenue from vouchers are also visible in the Control Center so you can track how many vouchers you sold and how much revenue you generated.

Purchase reports

You can follow your hotspot revenue in real time. You can create purchase reports and break it down by date or period, location and type of payment (Credit Card, PayPal, Pre-Paid). A chart is also generated to give you a clear visual overview.

Monthly Payouts

The payment module is built into the system so you don't have to pay additional transaction fees. After we collect online payments from your Splash Page, we transfer the money to you around the middle of each month, after deducting our transaction fees. You will receive monthly payments from our company via wire transfer or Paypal.


Low Transaction Fees

You don't have to pay setup or monthly fees or buy expensive hardware. You just need to pay a transaction fee for all successful transactions which include the credit card processing. Transactions fees you need to pay are lower as your revenue grows.


Combine with Free Access

Free Trial

You can setup a Free Trial package with limited bandwidth, traffic or time. You can also capture data (name, email, etc) from free users.

Free Vouchers

To give free access to certain customers, you can give out free vouchers. Codes are unique and cannot be used twice.